Eco Healthy School

Eco Healthy School
Eco-Friendly Environment


Child's View Montessori is endorsed by the Oregon Environmental Council as an Eco-Healthy School.


Child’s View strives to be environmentally conscious and to create an eco-friendly environment. Learning to care about our environment and the world around us is an important aspect of our curriculum. We practice the three R’s — Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The children actively recycle, compost and garden. We ask that children bring reusable containers in their lunch, rather than single serving packaging, and to bring a cloth napkin. For lunch and snack, we use plates and glasses that are washed, rather than thrown away.  


In our newly remodeled environment, we strive to be “green” with no voc paint, marmoleum flooring, and full spectrum lighting. We use non-toxic cleaners wherever possible.


In our purchases, we look for items that are environmentally friendly and use the least amount of packaging. Food and snacks purchased for the school are nutritionally sound and natural.



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